Competitively priced and unbeatable life-of-asset value

Competitively priced

When compared to alternative coatings, hot dip galvanizing is extremely cost competitive. It’s particularly cost-effective for jobs with medium to high corrosion protection needs.

Coating System Initial Cost of Application of
Hot Dip Galvanizing Other
Coating vs Hot Dip Galvanizing
HERA rating Time to First
Total DFT μm
Hot Dip Galvanized   0.98 to 1.31 25 85
Inorganic Zinc Silicate Comparative Initial Cost 1.00 25+ 125
Acrylic Two Coat Similar Initial Cost 1.10 10 125
Epoxy High Build One Coat 1.23 15 275
Acrylic Three Coat Higher Initial Cost 1.30 15 250
Polyurethane Three Coat 1.40 15 250
Thermal Zinc Spray Sealed 1.47 25+ 100
Epoxy High Build One Coat 1.77 15 400
Epoxy Mastic Two Coat 1.93 10 400
Based on HERA Report R4-133:2011

The cost of hot dip galvanizing is extremely competitive particularly for small to medium sized structural members.

Unbeatable value over life-of-asset

When you consider life of asset value, hot dip galvanizing is in a class of its own, delivering accumulated maintenance cost savings that is unmatched.

Coating System Life Cycle Cost Application of Hot Dip Galvanizing vs Other Coating
Over 25 years Over 50 years
Inorganic Zinc Silicate Similar Cost Lower Cost
Acrylic Two Coat Lower Cost Significantly Lower Cost
Epoxy High Build One Coat
Acrylic Three Coat
Polyurethane Three Coat
Thermal Zinc Spray Sealed
Epoxy High Build One Coat Significantly Lower Cost
Epoxy Mastic Two Coat
Based on GAA Life Cycle Cost Calculator

Hot dip galvanizing significantly reduces the cost of maintenance over the life of the asset, when compared to other coating systems.